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Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon world’s richest man, owns several luxury apartments. He has bought houses in different areas of America.

The market value of Jeff Bezos’ house is over $500 million. Let’s have a look at Jeff Bezos’ luxury House.

Jeff Bezos House
Jeff Bezos House

Jeff Bezos House in New York

Jeff Bezos has two houses in New York. One is Madison Square Park and another one is Lincoln Square.

1.Madison Square Park,212 Fifth Ave. ($96 Million)

In April 2020, Bezos bought the 20th floor of 212 Fifth Ave for $16 Million USD. Earlier, he had bought four more floors in the same building. In June 2019, he bought 21st,22nd,23rd, and 24th floors for $80 Million USD.

Madison Square Park,212 Fifth Ave.
Madison Square Park,212 Fifth Ave.
Jeff Bezos House
Jeff Bezos House
Madison Square Park7
Jeff Bezos House
Jeff Bezos House

2.Lincoln Square,25 Central Park West ($13 million)

Jeff Bezos has four apartments in 25 Central Park West, the value of that house is $17.5 Million. He bought 3 apartments in 1999 for $7.65 Million ($12.3 million today) and another one is $5.3 Million in 2012.

Lincoln Square,25 Central Park West
Lincoln Square,25 Central Park West

Jeff Bezos House In WASHINGTON, D.C.

Bezos has two house in WASHINGTON, D.C. Textile Museum
2320-2330 S Street, Kalorama and Home across the street 2325 S Street NW.

1.Textile Museum,2320-2330 S Street, Kalorama ($23 million)

Bezos bought this house in 2016 for $23 Million. This house was built in 1914. This house includes Eight full bathrooms, ten bedrooms, six powder rooms with 11 fireplaces.

2.Home across the street,2325 S Street NW ($5 million)

Bezos Bought this house in January 2020 for $5 Million USD. The area of this house is 4,800 square-foot.

Jeff Bezos House in BEVERLY HILLS

1.Harry Warner Estate, Near Sunset Blvd. ($165 million)

Bezos bought this house from David Geffen for $165 Million USD. This 12,254-square-foot house has an eight-bedroom, 10-bathroom estate that contains a koi pond, a European garden, a lagoon-like pool and spa, waterfalls, a tennis court, a tree-lined cobblestone driveway, and a courtyard with an outdoor fireplace.

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2.Spanish-style mansion, N. Alpine Dr. ($24.5 million)

Bezos bought this Spanish-style mansion for $24.5 Million in 2007. This House has a seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom, family room, and a media room

3.Contemporary home, N. Alpine Drive ($12.9 million)

2017 Bezos bought this house for $12.9 Million. This 4500 square feet contemporary-style was built in 1956. There is a large pool in the backyard with four bed rooms and six bathrooms.

Jeff Bezos House in WEST TEXAS

1.Corn Ranch, Culberson, and Hudspeth counties

These 1306800000 square feet generally use for Bezo’s private space company, Blue Origin. He bought this house in 2004 for $50 Million. This house has 4 bedrooms.

Jeff Bezos House in MEDINA, WASHINGTON

1.Evergreen Point, Near the Post Office ($10 million)

In 1998 he bought this house for $10 Million. This 20,600 square-foot house has five- bedrooms and four bathrooms.


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